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Constant Pressure Pumping Stations
WCS custom builds pump stations for your specific water needs or
retrofits existing systems. Our stations come fully tested and preset.
Just add water, power, and turn to AUTO.

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Landscape & Turf Pump Stations

Four Seasons at Millville, NJ
5 to180 gpm @ 90 psi. System includes one 20 HP centrifugal. Designed for landscape on housing addition.

Kermit Elementary School, Kermit, TX
5 to 200gpm at 80psi. System includes one 20 HP centrifugal pump. Designed for public school landscape irrigation.

Cooper ISD, Lubbock TX
5 to 200 gpm boosting to 85psi. System includes one 15 HP centrifugal with flow base pressure maintenance system. Designed for public school landscape irrigation.

Aldine High School Booster, Houston, TX
5 to 400 gpm @ 50psi boost.  One 25 hp centrifugal pump.  Open skid.  Turf irrigation application.

Lubbock Christian University, Lubbock TX
5-125 gpm @ 60 psi.  Two 7.5 hp pumps.  Designed for sports field irrigation application.

Cooper ISD, Lubbock TX
Booster pump station boosting pressure to 90 psi, 110 gpm. 10 hp centrifugal pump.   Turf irrigation application. Open skid.

Klein Forest High School, Klein, TX

Booster pump application.  120 gpm, boosting from 40 psi to 100 psi.  10 hp centrifugal pump.  Sports field irrigation.

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